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Client Conduct
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Client Code of Conduct

Responsible smoking is allowed in the Limousine but there will be a $100.00 charge per burn hole or other damage caused by careless smoking.

Smoking by anyone under 18 years old is prohibited.

Consumption of alcohol by anyone under 21 years old is prohibited.

The use of any narcotic or controlled substance is prohibited.

All body parts must remain inside the Limousine when on any public highway or road.

Contracting client is responsible for any damage or undue clean up to the Limousine caused by them or their Guest.

From time to time, a guest does get sick in the limousine. Because vomit is considered a hazardous substance, it requires special clean up procedures. Because of this, a $100.00 charge will apply if a guest becomes ill in the Limousine. Please inform the Chauffeur you are feeling ill and he/she will make every effort to pull to the side of the road as quickly as possible, we have also provided plastic baggies for you to use just in case.

All runs will be paid for in advance up to the contracted amount. All overtime will be collected before the time starts. Chauffeurs gratuity is based on the total amount of the run including over time.

All prom runs will be paid for in advance, including the chauffeurs gratuity.

I will not hold No Prob Limo responsible if any conditions beyond their control, (weather, traffic delays etc.) which cause the Limousine to arrive later than the designated pick up time.

Violation of this code will result in the immediate return to the original pick up point and termination of the service with no refund.
No Prob Limo
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